The Event

The Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2012 was the second event reviving the original Bahamas Speed Weeks. The Speed Week Revival page gives details about the cars that have attended the last couple of years, and their FaceBook page shows some very fine pictures of some aspects of both the cars and the karts.

The original events ran from 1954 to 1966 this book is very expensive, but gives a lot of detail. There are not many other publications out there on the speed weeks, but this one meanwhile, also vies many interesting background stories and pictures of the original events.

This article from the Bahamas Weekly shows some local coverage before the event. While this article, from Classic and Performance Car contains a report from the previous year's revival event

There are three parts to the examiner's report on the 2012 speed week, part 1,part 2, and finally, of course, part three. though sadly none of them really goes in to any great detail about the karting contribution to the week.

This nice piece, also from the Bahamas Weekly shows oliver's mechanic, Darren delighting a young Bahamian with a static blast in a Comer Cadet kart

Why Ewan was There

Ewan was invited by Formula Kart Stars, after he participated in their innaugural Honda Cadet Challenge during the 2012 season. Formula Kart Stars invited Ewan along with 7 other cadets and their mechanics to be flown to the Bahamas, have their karts shipped there, and for them to participate in supporting events to the 2012 speed week.

Who Ewan Met

The most memorable individual to meet as far as Ewan was concerned, was certainly Sir Stirling Moss, who Ewan had seen racing his Maserati Osca at the Oulton Park Gold Cup weekend a few years ago.

Ewan also found a new friend, Lady Susie Moss spent a few minute chatting to Ewan as he waited to have a word with David McLaughlin. It was only after a few minutes of such a friendly approach that Ewan realised who it was that had come up and just started talking to him. Really lovely.

Derek Bell chatted with the cadet drivers on the grid for the road race/demonstration, but Ewan was uncharacteristically shy, since he couldn't picture the Bently Le Mans car he had seen Derek drive at Oulton Park some years before.

Ewan was also delighted to spend time at such an excellent with Adrian Heggarty, Sam Fitzpatrick, Alex Quinn, Josh Smith, Bradley Kent, Oliver Mould and Jamie Sharp. Great group, great experience.

What Happened?

The kart drivers from the UK visited a variety of schools in the Bahamas, where they promoted education in motorsport, emphasising that they do their best at school and their reward is to go kart racing. They were also able to tell the students how important it was to look after their fitness, diet and strength.

Demonstrations were also organised, one within just a day or so of arriving in the Bahamas, so mechanics were soon getting karts out of crates and preparing them for racing. The first event was at the Thomas A Robinsion stadium, a fine looking facility of which the Bahamas should be rightly proud. One of the car-parks at the stadium had some tyre barriers arranged and some new paint added to mark out a course. Both the cadets and the seniors were then able to practice, run heats and a final demonstration on this car park/circuit. On-board video footage from Ewan's kart is available on You Tube or by selecting the "Some Movie Clips" link on the menu on the left of this page.

Some Pictures

To follow - almost too many to mention.

Many Thanks To

We have too many people to thank for the fantastic opportunity to go and experience our sport in the Bahamas.