Junior TKM

April 2016 - Rowrah NKF

Ewan looking for the apex on the second hairpin
Ewan looking for the apex on the second hairpin
Ewan and Preston had a really good sequence of races
Ewan and Preston had some really good races over the weekend.

Some Pictures from the Bahamas Speed Week Revival, 2012

Ewan talking to a hero of his, Sir Stirling Moss, with Lady Susie Moss in the background.

Ewan sitting next to Sir Stirling during the Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2012 launch press-conference. This picture taken after Ewan's first session speaking at the conference, but before his second, where he volunteered to talk about the three different engine types on the karts that had come over from the UK.

Ewan talking to Tyrone Sawyer, director of Tourism for the Bahamas ministry of tourism and aviation.

Ewan signing autographs for enthusiastic students at Albury Sayle school. Lovely to see him signing a magazine with one of his current heroes, Jenson Button on the back of the magazine.

Jamie Sharp, Ewan, Adrian Heggarty, Sam Fitzpatrick and Oliver greeting very enthusiastic students at Albury Sayle. Sadly, this doesn't convey the really wonderful and noisy reception the drivers were given.

Some Images from Warden Law 03/04/2011

Ewan crossing the start-finish line.

Images From Fulbeck NKF 27/03/2011

Heading home

The team heading back to the HTR awning.
A really good team.

Images From Teesside Testing 20/03/2011