Stars at Whilton Mill - August 2013 - 2nd Place

Ewan improved on his place last month with an excellent second place in the final on Sunday the 25th. The field at Whilton Mill is getting stronger and it was likely that any one of five or six different drivers could win. Last month's winner, Harry Thompson, Mark Kimber, Oliver Clarke, Tom Pegram, Sam Fitzpatrick and Ewan had all driven well all weekend. Oliver suffered a little more than the others in the first lap and struggled to get back in touch with the leading pack. Sam was also a victim of contact behind Ewan at turn two on lap one. At times the final was a procession of four drivers in a train, sometimes it broke into two pairs. It remained that way until the last lap, when Mark and Ewan were left to contest the lead, with Mark showing some concern by looking over his shoulder seven times in the last lap. It was a very good race, slightly marred by contact again in lap one, but an excellent and well deserved result for Ewan.
Many thanks to Roger at RPM for the rental engine, which helped remove the power disadvantage Ewan had in the previous month.
Also thank you very much to MLC who straightened Ewan's chassis on their flat-bed on the Saturday evening, ridding it of a difference in feel turning left and right.

Stars at Whilton Mill - July 2013 - 3rd Place

Ewan claimed his first podium as a privateer with a really determined 3rd place at Whilton Mill. Ewan was running a Honda GX160 T1 engine, which he put to really good use in the heats and final. In the final, he pushed Sam Fitzpatrick (with one of his two UFO T2 SPs) for many of the laps until back-markers interrupted his flow and he couldn't get back into the tow. Harry Thompson won, with Sam second and Ewan 3rd, about 12 seconds ahead of the fourth placed driver.

Rowrah Podium - March 2013 - 3rd Place

Ewan claimed his first competitive podium at Rowrah on the 10th of March, 2013. He and Riley were fastest all day in wet practice on the Saturday, but on Sunday the more powerful engines of some competition, and some poor fortune meant that Ewan only started 7th on the grid for the final. He steadily worked his way up to finish third, a delightful return to the track where it all started.

Formula Kart Stars, 2012 Challenge

Ewan participated in the first Honda cadet challenge in Formula Kart Stars, 2012. It was an eventful year in the championship, and Ewan led the final in the first round of the challenge at Kimbolton, having made up seven places. Towards the end of the year, in the final round at Whilton Mill, Ewan worked his way up to seventh, only to be pushed wide and back to 9th, he worked up to seventh again, only to be pushed wide again on the same corner and finished tenth.

It was a great experience going round the country with Formula Kart Stars The atmosphere that the organisers promote is thoughtful, friendly and professional. The prizes, demonstrations and some of the displays alongside the championship were fantastic, and Ewan won a voucher to attend a two and a half hour session at the very interesting and infromative i-Zone Driver Performance with their simulators and fitness coaches based at Silverstone.

Super One Championship, 2012

Ewan thoroughly enjoyed his first season with Project One Racing. The season involved a lot of learning, some of it painful, with a trip in the ambulance to accident and emergency after being lifted out of a disassembled kart and then cut out of his racing suit and x-rayed. After being allowed to leave the hospital, he was advised he could not race after the accident at Three Sisters circuit near Wigan thus being unable to participate in one complete round of SuperOne.

Here, Ewan is thanking Michael MacPherson for good draughting and pushing work together at Wigan S1 Shakedown

Danny came 3rd and Ewan 4th.
Here, Ewan is running third at the Wigan S1 Shakedown

Ewan ended that race 4th.

Ewan overcame that accident and ended well at Shenington, the final round, where he had a really good race, showing he had regained some confidence and determination. In that round, he finished fourteenth out of a field of twenty eight.

Paul Fletcher International, Trent Valley Kart Club championship

Ewan started brightly at the opening of the track extension at PFI, though he found it bumpy (it has since been smoothed out considerably). He participated with enthusiasm at the circuit, getting better and faster, but was unfortunate to have had a bad crash in one final. Ewan had made a typical good start, making up places and was challenging with some of the more experienced drivers. Sadly, one of those good drivers, Ethan Andrews span right in front of Ewan on the exit of the second hair-pin and presented his Nassau panel as a launch ramp right in front of Ewan.

A class-mate of Ewan's, a Comer cadet driver was watching and said "He didn't have anywhere to go!" and was quite upset at seeing the crash. Ewan flipped and landed once under his kart, then rolled, finally stopping with his kart on top of him once again. He was taken to Lincoln hospital and x-rayed, but released without any restrictions placed upon his activity. It did take Ewan a while to recapture his previous form at PFI, but he seems back on good form there now.

Bahamas Speed Week Revival, 2012

The Bahamas Speed Week Revival web page and the Bahamas Speed Week Revival facebook page

2011 Rowrah John Surtees Trophy

Ewan was awarded the Let's Go Karting / John Surtees trophy for the 2011 season, a real privilege. Ewan was delighted and honoured to receive this award.

Many thanks to HTR for help, support and guidance throughout 2011, especially at NKF and Rowrah.

Rowrah Club Championship, July, 2011

Ewan and his dad making some set-up changes before the final.

Ewan drove consistently well throughout the weekend, finishing fourth in most of the heats, and in the final. This was achieved without the SP engine that Ben Thompson's team had let use use during the Saturday practice day.

The final effectively comprised two races, Ben Thompson, Ewan Tindall and Ocean Bach contesting the lead with the other places being fought out between Ewan, Jake Calvert, Riley Banks and Daniel Spicer. In this second part of the race, Ewan lost a place on the first corner, made it up on the next lap, and held 4th place to the end of the final.

Testing weekends - Teeside 18th and 25th of June, 2011

Ewan put in some really good stints, and had a lot of fun in varied driving conditions over these two Saturdays.
On the 18th, it started out damp, and Ewan went out with a variety of set-ups, including deliberately going out on slick tyres in damp conditions. He controlled the kart very well, having some moments, finding some grip and still keeping speed up. That was impressive enough, but it then started to rain very hard, and Ewan took that as an opportunity to both survive in very wet conditions, and also to have a high-octane version of splashing through puddles. All valuable learning experience, and obviously a lot of fun for Ewan.

On the 25th, the weather was dry and quite warm. Ewan spent the day on slicks, trying a few minor variations in setup, and given the target of getting close to 50 second laps, which we were told was a decent time at Teeside. Ewan worked his way down to 49.8 and 49.9 second lap-times there, and rather enjoyed himself as well. Good sessions, very valuable, and many, many thanks to Derrick at HTR for making it possible and enjoyable, a gentleman as always.

Rowrah Club Championship - Round 4 - 08/05/2011

Derrick and Paul Hardy from HTR racing preparing for the photo-shoot following Ewan's last novice race at Rowrah, and with Ewan brandishing the 1st novice trophy. Rowrah had very mixed weather for the weekend, and there was plenty of incident in the cadet races, both Honda and Comer. It rained on and off for most of the weekend, but the sun came out around lunch-time on the Sunday just as the Honda cadets lined up for their 3rd heat. The final was run on slicks, with Ewan finishing 14th from the entry of 17. Not bad at all for a novice. This built nicely on his performance at the May Warden Law fun meeting, though we are still awaiting the results of that meeting.

MSA Academy coach Paul Hardy was on good form all weekend, starting with track walks and settling in to advice, guidance and some express mechanical help when needed to provide a boost as the conditions changed.

The results of the final are available here (new tab) at the Cumbria Kart Racing Club website.

Rowrah Club Championship - Round 3 - 10/04/2011

Ewan and Paul showing how pleased they are after Ewan was presented with the 1st Novice trophy at Rowrah Rowrah was sunny all weekend for the third round of the Cumbria Kart Racing Club Championship. This in itself is worthy of comment, it was very strange needing to put on sun-cream, rather than Dubbin

Once again, MSA Academy coach Paul Hardy was on hand all weekend, providing track walks, pointers, insights and fun all weekend. Steven put in some very determined shifts as well, helping Paul (Tom's Dad) with some reconstructive work. Derrick was also helping, encouraging and entertaining over the weekend.

Ewan and Riley battled it out all weekend for the novice trophy in the Honda class. Both drivers making significant improvement on their personal best lap times at the track, both lapping in under 58 seconds during the final, but it was Ewan who came home sixth, winning the novice tophy, after a race within a race with Riley. Great sportsmanship shown throughout the weekend in the Honda class, which was really good to see. Thoroughly looking forward to meeting up with Riley and his family again soon.

The results of the final are available here (new tab) at the Cumbria Kart Racing Club website.

Warden Law - Fun Day - 27/03/2011

Ewan crossing the line at the end of Heat 2

Ewan took part in a fun day at Warden Law, he thoroughly enjoyed the track, though didn't enjoy heat 3 where he had to go out on slicks in a shower. He also had an accidental coming together with another kart in the final as he moved over to try and overtake a kart in front of him. Overall, it was a good day, and worth the journey.

It was strange seeing Ewan racing with yellow-background numbers on his kart. Since this wasn't an MSA event, we were advised not to make it apparent that Ewan is still a novice, and he didn't have to use novice plates.

Teesside Kart Track - 20/03/2011

Ewan on track at Teesside kart track Ewan benefitted from 2 days testing in sunny Middlesbrough at the weekend.

Expert tuition from MSA Academy coach Paul Hardy brought grins from the whole HTR team as Ewan pushed his Teesside lap time down from 55 seconds to 51.92 seconds".

Ewan's comment: "I love this track - it's got so much grip."

We're all looking forward to Fulbeck for the NKF Round 1 at the weekend.

After this long testing session, the engine will be sent away to RPM (see links in the menu) to have the top-end serviced and have it dyno tested. Apparently a new Honda engine should be serviced after about ten hours, which this one has now done.

Rowrah Championship Round 2 - 13/03/2011

Ewan very pleased with his trophy

Congratulations to Ewan on winning the Honda Cadet Novice cup at Rowrah in only his second championship race.

The weekend became even more memorable when Ewan was invited to spend the 2011 season with HTR. Team Manager, Derrick Hardy, was impressed with Ewan's enthusiasm and desire to learn: "He shows key potential and a passion to progress."

Team Coach, Paul Hardy, praised Ewan's willingness to listen and learn: "He really pays attention and it shows on track."