Driver Profile

Ewan Bennett was the adopted as a driver within Derrick Hardy's HTR team after Derrick saw Ewan in some of his first races at Rowrah. Derrick was very kind and helpful at the start and throughout Ewan's time within HTR. We commend that team to anyone considering karting within a well run, aware, friendly and knowledgeable team.
Ewan has wanted to kart since he was first let loose in a Kiddie Kart at Oulton Park four years ago.

His mum and dad were brave/wise/foolish enough (delete as appropriate) to let him have his 8th birthday party at Daytona Manchester followed by Daytona's kart school as his present. He swiftly progressed to Advanced Junior status and was invited to join the Daytona Inkart Championship in October 2010.

A visit to Kartmania 2010 proved fortuitous for Ewan. He was invited to Cumbria Kart Racing Club's November Let's Go Karting day and he's never looked back - describing outdoor karting as, "where I'm meant to be." CKRC generously offered Ewan the opportunity to be one of the first recipients of a special MSA/JKH deal designed to encourage new entrants to the outdoor sport. He took delivery of the JKH Cobalt in mid-January 2011 but had to contain his excitement for over a week before he took his first drive at Rowrah in his own kart.

A CKRC member, Ewan took his Arks test under the watchful eye of Malcolm Fell in conditions more suited to an ark, or at least a canoe.

The following week he took part in Rowrah's opening 2011 February Championship meeting, narrowly missing out on the best novice trophy in his first outdoor race. But he had done enough to impress Derrick - who heroically provided technical support to Ewan's dad (also a karting novice) in the pouring rain.

Derrick offered Ewan a place in the HTR awning for CKRC's March Championship. Ewan's eyes were wide with excitement as he absorbed the atmosphere of being in a team awning. He loved the track walks and debrief sessions with Paul. With Steven's mechanical skills delivering a race-worthy set-up, Ewan's performance improved through the whole weekend.

Still only 8, Ewan literally jumped for joy when Derrick invited him to become the latest HTR recruit.
He can't wait to join them again for the first round of the Northern Karting Federation Championship at Fulbeck.

Ewan joined the HTR Racing Team for only his second MSA race showing key potential and passion for progression Derrick offered Ewan a permanent place in the HTR awning for the 2011 Season.